Hunts of Hopes and Dreams is a non-profit organization* established to benefit those many individuals who love the outdoors but have terminal illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from actively participating in these traditions.
Hunts of Hopes and Dreams will provide these remarkable individuals a unique environment where they can realize their passion. Lodging, meals, hunts, and other recreation are designed to accommodate these challenges and facilitate interaction with the natural world as much as possible.

P.O. Box 103
Ankeny, Iowa 50021
Ph. 641-512-1842

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About Us and Our Goals
You and I think nothing of getting up long before dawn, slipping into that ideal position on the game trail, or pitching decoys into that secret backwater as the morning breeze picks up. We take these precious parts of a day outdoors for granted. Unfortunately, many folks cannot share in these experiences that so often are a bigger part of the hunt than the shot itself. Hunts of Hopes and Dreams was established to fulfill the hopes and dreams of individuals with terminal illnesses and disabilities – to make the little things we take for granted while being outdoors a lot easier for them to overcome and to provide an environment designed to accommodate their needs.

Over ten years ago, my entire family was changed when my father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Growing up, my father was always there when I wanted to go hunting or fishing. He spent countless hours outdoors with me and his dedication infected me with a deep enthusiasm for these pursuits and sharing them with others. Since the progression of his MS, my father has been unable to get in the woods like the rest of us. My father’s experience, and its effect on our family and friends, is the inspiration for this organization.

This project is the result of many years of intense thought, planning, coordination, and dedication. Since beginning the project in 1999, my wife has joined the team, bringing her own passion for working with those coping with disabilities. She has worked with numerous individuals with disabilities and shares in the dream to successfully launch this project.
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